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Hello friends!! Welcome to my web site!!

Great news for the awaiting fans,,,, Kei's new project is uncovering!
Her new sound is coming directly from New York City, getting support from young acclaimed musicians. "A Part of me EP"was relesed on November 2014.
■「you are my love」(2014/9/10 @Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater) 

perfoemed at The Bitter End, nyc

Kei Owada: 
A Singer song writer based in Tokyo.

born and raised in Tokyo, She is an acclaimed singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Her influences are,,, Carole King, Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, Tete, Aimee Mann, 
Eva Cassidy, Yoko Kanno, Motown, Gospell Music and more.

Her career started out as a being a member of the band, "Mint Julep" ...a trio with keyboard, 
guitar and Kei being the main singer and songwriter. 

After eight years of playing in various venues in Tokyo and releasing 5 albums, 
Kei decides to start her solo career as a singer-songwriter.  
She started to play around cities all over Japan, like Osaka and Kyoto,,,, 
and overseas as well, like the great city of New York.  

Kei was recognized very quickly in the New York scene, because her songs were influenced
 by many acclaimed American songwriters. 

"I don't understand what she's singing about. But, it's not about that anymore. 
She's so wonderful. "…. Owner of Bitter End Kenny.

Kei released her first EP as a solo artist on September 2012 and continues to pursue 
her musical career, playing in and out the country and producing her next original EP.

Kei Owada's first solo EP "5pieces+1"

"Everyone goes thru those nights,,, where it's just to hard to bear alone,,, 
but there is still a light we see in the morning that keeps us moving"

Her first "statement" as a solo artist is presented in these 6 messages, 
all self produced with the support from high-end musicians and engineer.
Released on September of 2012, the EP hit hard and it was on the reproduction line 
within just six month.  It is now remastered with additional bonus track "Blue".

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I hope you enjoy my music.


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